Saturday, July 31, 2010

Pre-dinner Popcorn

Most days, while I am preparing supper, my two older children will come in begging for food. I do try to find something healthy for them if supper is more than 30 min. away. If I really have it together, I'll have a veggie and dip platter ready. If not, sometimes I'll pop some healthy popcorn. It really is healthy and it couldn't be more simple.
I put about 1/4 c. coconut oil in a large pot and heat it on high with about 3 kernels in the pot. When those pop I know the oil is hot enough, and I pour in about 3/4 c. of popcorn. I shake the pot just slightly while the kernels are popping until the popping slows to just a few per second.
Sprinkle with some sea salt and you're done! The whole process takes just a couple of minutes.
I did this last night, and it satisfied my boys for the hour they were waiting for supper.
Satisfied children make a peaceful mama!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Back To Basics

The basic things of life can also be the hardest I've found. It can be so hard to be balanced and basic in all areas of life. I can spend so much time searching for ways to make each area of my life simpler, and in the process, not have time for all the simple things I should be doing!
This blog is a motivation for myself, and hopefully for others too, to enjoy life and continue growing and learning new ways of doing things, as long as we don't forget the basics that make us all feel balanced.
As a christian, I desire to keep Christ first in all my efforts and do what He would want.
As a stay at home mom, I have interests in health, fitness, and homeschooling. These are things I will be focusing on in this blog - especially food and menu planning.