Tuesday, August 17, 2010

"School Zone Party"

Our family moved to the area we are now in almost two years ago. We moved here as missionaries to start a Baptist church. The beginnings have been slow. We were able to start a youth group a year and four months ago. We rented a building for church services and started Sunday services about five months ago. God has really been blessing, and it's so exciting to see.
Last Saturday we had our first annual "School Zone Party" It was an event in which we gave out free school supplies, had lunch and snacks available, games, and sign ups for give-a-ways. A lot of planning and resources went into this three hour event, and the response has been wonderful.
The community is seeing that this new church in town really cares about them and wants to get to know them. We've been able to meet a lot of new people and have good conversations with them about important things. We are trying to meet these people where they are and show them the need for the Lord in their lives. We are in a very small community, and Sunday we were excited to see 30 people in our services. This may not seem like many to most people, but each soul is so important.
This Tuesday I am so grateful for the opportunity God gives each and every one of us!

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