Monday, August 2, 2010

Anniversary On A Budget

Today is my husband's and my anniversary. In the past we've done some pretty expensive things for our anniversary. Once we went to a cabin in a beautiful wooded area for two nights. Another year we went to a pricey hotel and did lots of shopping and eating out. Other years we didn't have much money and didn't do much at all and ended up having a pretty blah anniversary day. This year, we don't have much extra money to spend either, but so far the day seems pretty special, and we are both looking forward to the rest of it.
What's the difference?

We talked about it ahead of time.

This year we started planning what we would do a couple of weeks ago. Even though it wasn't much, we've been looking forward to it for days and both have the same expectations!
We both ended up buying the other special snacks which we will enjoy while watching a redbox movie this evening. For dinner we are going to go out for an early supper with our almost one yr. old daughter (during her "happy" time) while our two older boys stay home as they are old enough to stay home alone.
These are simple things, but so special, because we talked about it ahead of time and both had the same expectations for the day.
Pretty Basic!

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